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2017 marks 35 years since Symbol Six released their debut record.  World Famous KROQ’s Rodney on the Roq spun that Posh Boy release when they were just 15 years old and in those early, formidable years they shared the stage with everyone from Social Distortion, Bad Religion, T.S.O.L., Agent Orange and Gun’s N’ Roses.


However, as most young associations go, Symbol Six split soon after their inaugural ascent.  Still, each member continued to make music with noteworthy bands over the next three decades.  In 2010 Symbol Six reemerged more focused with an appetite to make great music which kept them busy! They composed a deep catalog of vinyl and digital releases, produced a collection of live performance as well as concept music videos and constructed an extensive touring record that sent them from Los Angeles to Seattle, St. Louis to Boston, Nashville to Austin, Philadelphia to New Orleans and from Chicago to New York.       


Today, these four bandmates and long time friends have released their 4th full-length album on color vinyl.  Eric, Tony, Evan and Phil's

unbreakable alliance and dedication to creating exceptional, hard hitting Rock N’ Roll with melodic riffs and catchy hooks produced a progressive batch of tunes.  Symbol Six will take you to a Rock N’ Roll sermon on “Olympus” and deep into the watery underworld of “Atlantis Rising”.  Don’t get left behind in the institutionalized, padded walls of “St. Hope Street”, but have a party with the SuperCharged, SuperBad, Super70’s sound of “Superfine”.  Symbol Six whips their blend of influences from bands such as MC5, Alice Cooper and Sex Pistols and morphs it into an exciting, audio adventure guaranteed to keep you guessing at every turn on “Side 4”. 

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